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Xplorer DIY 2012 by young old amateur.
Wednesday 15 August 2012
by philippe Vo cong tri
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This year I am mounting a very cheap DIY Xplorer style guitar. A solid body type.

I bought the kit in 2011. So, I put the wood to dry up a little bit. The body is made in 4 parts. The “middle” blank is in darker hue. I believe that the wood is basswood.

The neck is D shape. The headstock is slimmer than the ones I saw from pictures on the net.

The body has no holes drilled apart from the 2 routed humbuckers.

Hopefully, I have some guitar books and a lot of gawking around the web.

So, I started to sanding and varnishing the body and neck, to protect them (they started to blueishing …) . Drill the holes for routing the harness, bridge tune-o-matic and tail. Assuring the right scale for Xplorer style type; cutting off the rosewood for fixing the nut (it’s a molded plastic thing, with empty body ??). How to fix this ?. Varnish again …

The toggle 3 ways switch seems to have a problem : Only 2 positions are working. The 2x500K pots don’t have the marking A or B, just CF. So I soldered the harness to the two 2 lines Humbuckers (no marking, just red and yellow lines). I assumed the the red is going to the neck, and the yellow to the bridge. The 0.047 cap is soldered as standard (tone control).

Strange: The soldered hot line of the humbuckers to the pots is not given a damn sound. Only working when fiddling with the lines themselves (unsoldered, made contact manually …). Was it because of oxydisation of the lines ? Bad soldering quality ? Once the lines are making the contact I soldered them to pots.

Hook to my Peavy Vypyr 15, sounding good, but weak.

Tampering with the humbucker height, coverup the truss rod entry hole on the head. The sound is nicer.

NB: Work for later, changing the nut, strap locks, the harness, and humbuckers. The tuners are surprising to me, they stay tuned from several days of hardships.

I am happy with this kind of cheap hardware, because I won’t loose moneys because of mistakes. I learn “petit à petit”, humbly. It seems so simple a guitar, but 1 1/2 years later, I see that it is much more complicated.


Eeepc 701. Debian 6.0.6 Squeeze.
Tuesday 9 October 2012
by philippe Vo cong tri
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This article is written as a reminder.

1) Netbook Eeepc 701 4G:

– SSD with Xandros (sda)

– USB card reader: SDHC 16GB

– Ram 2GB.

2) Debian installation: First try

I have tried to install the OS with unetbootin’s USB flashkey (2GB), which has U3 partition; The OS installation content is on the other partition.

As it was not the first time that the Eeepc has been tweaked, I did carry on the installation as usual:

– Insert the SDHC 16GB (no name)

– Insert the USB flash stick

– Power on

– [esc] keystroke

– Choose the Flash stick on Debian menu

– boot: install

– After some loading and inputting required items, then there went to disk partitionning: No SDHC detected !

– After reading some tutorials on Debian web site, I put the SDHC on USB SDHC adaptor. The installation went smoothly, albeit a long time. At the end, I have not seen the option to install the grub other than on /dev/sda (the SSD), so I let it do. When finished, I put the SDHC card in the Eeepc slot, and reboot. The SDHC was detected, Debian menu was shown. First stage sofware was loading into the ram, and then the Eeepc stopped and waiting and then errors and !


Booting Debian …. Linux 2.6.32-5-686 loading

[ ] Assuming drive cache : write through

[ ] Assuming drive cache : write through

[ ] Assuming drive cache : write through

Gave up waiting for root device. common problems

boot args (cat /proc/cmline)

– Check root delay (did the system wait long enough ?)

– Check root (did the system wait fort the right device ?)

– Missing modules (cat /proc/odules. ls /dev )

ALERT ! /dev/disk/byuuid/xxxx does not exist

Dropping to a shell




I checked the directory (ls): no boot directory.

I put the SDHC back into its USB Flash card adaptor. Reboot. It worked ! After some installations from synaptic, and doubts, I tried to put this SDHC card on my other Eeepc 1001PX (with Windows) : It is working!

3) Debian installation: 2nd try

Still not convinced, I decided to use an old SDHC 16GB which was working with Eeepc 701 (xubuntu 8.04). The Debian installation went through smoothly.

4) Grub install on SDHC:


#grub install /dev/sdb

grub is grub2 version.

Reference: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEeePC


A little guitar swing test
Sunday 21 October 2012
by philippe Vo cong tri
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Dédicacée à ma Maman.


Of Life and Death
Sunday 11 November 2012
by philippe Vo cong tri
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∞ What is the Infinity symbol suggesting ?

upd: Nov 13 2012. As a matter of fact, today it reminds me the double dna helix. That’s strange.

For me, it has the form of a sand clock or hour glass.

Life and Death are the two sides of a coin, or the two sides of the sand clock.

The infinity symbol is used also as a Moebius strip. It has many meanings.

I use this symbol to stutter my opinions.

To me, it represents the contenant and content of the Unverse. Unfolded, it represents a “bubble”. In infinity representation, it could mean two universes. We live in one of them of course.

How to go from one side to the other one ? Moebius strip explains it, the contenant. But what is the content ? I would imagine that the content is where galaxies are. To go into other side, it may be through the black hole, represented by the strangling passage of the sand clock. The sand represents our galaxies.

The Infinity symbol can be twisted manifolds. This would represent manifold universes, alike or not to ours.

The expansion of our universe would result to take or deplete other side(s): onservation of energy.

If one universe blows off, the other side(s) would siphoning up proportionately.




















Wednesday 7 November 2012
by philippe Vo cong tri
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Just playing with the grandson’s guitar. I try really hard …