Siswoo c55 twrp root xposed (Upd 05012016)
Tuesday 5 January 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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Cf on October 2015. Upd 05012016. Mainly for me.


1) Intro:

After the OTA update on 20151023, I wasn’t able to install Xposed framework.

Since Yesterday, I am reworking on it.

Again, thanks to XDA-developers (@rovo89 and all), androidhilfe.de people for the tips… 2) What’s going on:

– Install XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk
– Download xposed-v79-sdk22-arm64.zip (I tried to use old xposed-v74xx, so do not used it).
– Previous xposed-uninstaller-20150831-arm64.zip, is still OK 😉
– Install Xprivacy from playstore
– Move /system/media/bootanimation.zip and shutanimation.zip to external sdcard. This is to give space for Xposed,

2-1) Xposed install:

– Boot to twrp (russian one, with mouse usb)
– Install xposed-v79-sdk22-arm64.zip. It’s gone thru 🙂
– Dalvik & cache empty
– Reboot
– Wait up to 10 mns (several reboot to optimze apps)
– Once reboot, run install Xposed, run Xprivacy to download latest version.

PNG – 96.2 kb

PNG – 192.7 kb

PNG – 99.9 kb

PNG – 108.8 kb


Solving Android SuperSu 2.65 (stable) install problem
Friday 26 February 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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This is a cookbook article, written for me mainly.

1) Intro:

On my chinese smartphone SISWOO C55, 5.1, Google play warned there is an update for SuperSU (Chainfire), 2016.02 . I tried to update SuperSU binaries: failed. Soft brick.

Googling XDADEV site for more informations. Thanks to the members feedback, I was able to do it. There are different ways to do it.

Describing here is one of them.

2) SuperSU update > 2.65 :

I choose to try out the beta version 2.67, for several my android smartphones which are rooted, aka Oukitel U8, Mlais MX base, Siwoo C55 …

Keep in mind: it suffices to get a higher version than the stable one as proposed by Google play store.

Download 2.67 beta (zip) from XDADEVS site.

2-a) Boot to custom recovery TWRP or CWM;

2-b) Install 2.67 beta zip

2-c) Reboot and check with checkroot app.-> OK

2-d) On one smarphone, there isn’t the SuperSU app icon.

Check with ES xplorer /system/app/SuperSU folder. Under common folder, there is SuperSU.apk , click on it and it shows no information (void).

Extract the BETA-2.6.7xxx.zip, double click on SuperSU.apk to install (with unknown source on). Now, the SuperSU app shows up (thanks to a member in XDADEVS forum.


It’s nice to have independant devs and sharers. Thanks to them. Donate if you can.

PNG – 86.7 kb


Siswoo C55 Busybox re-install problem (solved)
Tuesday 22 March 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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This article is written mainly for me.

1) Intro;

After tweakings, the smartphone soft bricked.

Restore by custom recovery. Reinstall SuperSu (from custom recovery), Busybox (Playstore) etc …

It turns out the Busybox wasn’t installed at all, despite checking app was ok.

How/why: I was trying to use Busybox by cmd terminal, which resulted in segmentation fault. the busybox was ibstalled in /system/xbin …

I tried to reinstall it via play store , it said success and whenever I opened it, it told me Busybox not installed ?!

2) Resolving:

After checking on the web, I wasn’t able to see my problem.

So I try to use jrummy installer, using recovery mode feature. it’s alive !

JPEG – 303.2 kb

PNG – 95.6 kb


Android #Stagefright vulnerabilities OTA: OK for two smartphones
Thursday 14 April 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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1) Intro:

This article is written mainly for me.

Since I have heard of Stagefright vulnerabilities (Ca last september), I check their corrections from OEMs.

Of all my smartphones, only 2 have corrections for stagefright 1 & 2 (@Zimperium).

– Motorola G Lte. 5.1 (upd dec 2015)
– Xiaomi Redmi 2. 4.4.4 (upd feb 2016)

Those 2 are entry level price ranged, not rooted …

Incredible, isnt it ?

2) Photos:

– Motorola G LTE:

PNG – 116.9 kb PNG – 137.1 kb

– Xiaomi redmi 2:

PNG – 89.7 kb PNG – 132.8 kb

3) Conclusions:

Where do I go from here ?

The “common” hardware feature here is : Snapdragon 400 …

Hemmm ….


LG g2 mini D620FR :My 1st android CM13 (MArshmallow 6.x)
Saturday 16 April 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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1) Intro:

This article is written mainly for me (to remember).

I have a LG g2 mini LTE D620FR, 5.0.2, single sim, 1G/8G, bought at a bargain price.

I bought this smartphone mainly for its Cyanogenmod supports, and the promise to get updated to Marshmallow. And fix current vulnerabilities ….

– I am amazed, that this little phone is quite good and 1st released in 2013 … Got 5.0.2 update.

– Today, I jump to Cyanogenmod 13, after a long time of musing … Will it go thru ???

– Yes, I did manage to switch to CM13, easier than I thought. Thanks to XDA-developers, phonandroid, youtube, etc …, to people willing to share their experiences.

2) Steps:

1st of all, charge the smarphone battery …

– Rooting, with kingo root (yes I know that …);
– Bootloader unlocking , for D620FR=D620R; take the right aboot; Use android terminal, su, dd if= …. of=…
– Install Flashify app; run it; backup current recovery.img and kernel:
– Download twrp 2.8.6, CM13, nighly built, Gapps … (Thanks to @Azanay on Youtube …).
– Use Flashify to flash twrp;
– Use Flashify to go to recovery mode (teamwin) or twrp;
– Use TWRP to backup current recovery, system, data;
– Use TWRP to reset to factory; install CM13, gapps (-600). clear Dalvick, cache, Reboot.
– After reboot, takes some minutes to improve app performance (here I have 14).
– Log on CM13, my sim card detected, configuration, google restore id …

JPEG – 1.1 Mb JPEG – 1.1 Mb

JPEG – 1.2 Mb PNG – 77.3 kb

3) Conclusions:

– At last I got Marshmallow via Cyanogenmod CM13; I can see the source …
– The current stagefright vulnerabilities are closed in CM13; in version 5.0.2, cve-2015-6602 is still there.


Android Stagefright vulnerabilities 2016
Tuesday 21 June 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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– I) Intro
– II) P8, Moto G Lte, lg MINI g2, Xiaomi mi2
– III) Conclusions (partial)

– I) This article is mainly for me. Not sponsored !!!

– II) P8, Moto g lTE, Lg Mini G2, Xiaomi mi2:

Last week, I checked the stagefright vulnerabilities with Zimperium app (latest version).

There are more vulnerabilities in 2016, in addition to the 2015 ones.

– My 4 android phones which I thought where safe aren’t anymore (at least one for june 2016):

– 1) P8 , B321 is vulnerable for 2016.
– 2) Motorola G LTE XT 1039, lollipop 5.1. patched on April 2016, not vulnerable (until when).
– 3) LG mini g2, CM13 , updated to june 2016 release, not vulnerable.
– 4) Xiaomi mi2, kitkat 4.4.4, not vulnerable.


— – P8 , Marshmallow 6.0 B321 . Showing stagefright 2016—————

PNG – 158.6 kb

PNG – 158.3 kb


Motorola G XT 1039 , Lollipop 5.1 April 2016. Not vulnerable —-

PNG – 126.6 kb PNG – 94.9 kb

LG Mini G2, CM13 June 2016 . Not vulnerable——————- PNG – 50.2 kb

Xiaomi mi2 4.4.4 —————————

PNG – 90.2 kb PNG – 98.2 kb

III) Conclusions:

– I have to stay on Lollipop 5.1. Try to use cyanogenmod …
– I would not buy android Marshmallow 6.0 (entry level, because no updates)


Dawn of life ?
Wednesday 29 June 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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Casual monolog.

After a long time of silence, i.e , not writing anything on my pretty life, there I am.

I am pretty sure, there are some people who are very interested on what I am doing, for reasons I am just kinda guessing. I don’t think I am paranoid (or just mildly), because I was collecting indices. Remember that I was trained and praticed as a technical engineer in several fields. And I am still been trained …

– I was already retired in FR (the retirement pension was a hard “parcours de combattan. The administration was reluctant to open the case: paper works, missing secret code in my security number … But I never let down, and I got it. Combative and patience.

– This year, 2016, is a milestone: I am retired from CH.

Before that, my wife got her retirement, without any problem, by just writing a simple letter, 6 months before the anniversary date. Last year, I got a letter form administration, with my name only. The administration asked me to provide all my revenue, and asked to justify my living (?). I called the guy, he told me, that the administration wants to know my revenue and not my wife (are we married or not?). I was asked gently to pay for the back retirement tax for me and my wife.
– Some months later, it was my turn to make my retirement claim for CH. In return, tha administration asked me again all my perceived revenue. only me, and the guy told me there was something wrong between our income tax and my retirement declaration (?). Gee, Income tax administration, retirement administration, secret services are collaborating !! Was I among the happy few in this regard ? Gee, I felt important, for a short time.

– My question(s) are, why my wife (she is swiss national by birth) has nothing to do with me ? and I am the only debtor ?

– Why the heck they were and still doing, when I return to CH in 1984 ?

– What was happening after 1990 ? the years I worked for Geneva administration as computer engineer ? Because, since then, everything in my family life went amok!

– Dudring 2004, I got cancer, and saved by a dearly nice Dr Bur…er, operated by his chirurgian friend Dr G…. . Thanks to them and my private doctors, Dr GA.. and SM… The later helped me dearly for than 10 years. Still, the public hospital, by that time was very hard with me. (my feelings).

– Dudes, now I narrow up to for regions: FR,CH,US,VN . The are quadruple cross in the 4 corners. To what end ? Who am I, to be “so” damned important to silence off ?

– In April of 2016, I got pneumonia and hospitalized urgently. No bacteria detected. Apart from my wife, my daughter (who has called medics, ambulance …), my son, my son-in law and his family in Morocco , who cared ? It was my little grandson I owe somehow for the quick intervention. Thanks to them all. And to God.

– Life is hard for all. I was, I am and I will be alone to fight sorrows, threats, for me and family.

– I don’t fear death. I don’t know if there is a Eden or Hell. I am, I say, I act as best as I could, no needless harm . If I have to fight, I will.

– The other day, my grandson ask me, what are the most importants things for me in my life ? : Never turn my heels, show my back, look at the threats.

– I know there are people who don’t like me at all, even those I never met . Why should I care, act to please them ? Pay them to be nice to me ? Why should I be always the one to backoff, to beg them, to salute them the first ? Are they better than me ? People are wary, specially females, am I looking so threatening ? I steal no one, bad mouthing no one. snear at no one. Yeah, may be I should be … That’s why there are so many victims …

– It’s time to say, give back to Caesar his due, and to me my due. I know what I did to improve even invent things even to come. I have been denied. You can steal, but someone knows.


Why play with a guitar ?
Wednesday 13 July 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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For my 15th anniversary, my mother offeredme my first guitar, a starter Sunburned one, with a music notebook. I bought a small book to learn how to play basic notes, chords frettings and songs. I wasn’t good for learning solfege.

When sojourning in the States, I bought a LP disks, with booklet, The Ventures. Of course, I wasn’t able to play a whole song, too complicated.

So, most of the times, I listened The Shadows, The Ventures and some others I don’t remember.

I kept the guitar, this disks, books for most than 20 years. Bringing them with me where ever I went to live with my family, France, Switzerland.

Most of my oldies are gone, too long a story to tell. I miss them.

My first electical kit guitar was in 2004, dirty cheap one. A starter kit. The sound was awful.

I have had no time to play and alone.

In France, circa 1980, we lived at the outsirts of PARIS. There were quite a lot of indochinese refugees, mostly chinese, cambodgians, laotians. The Vietnameses snobbed us most of the time, may be I was not fluent in Viet, and my wife is European, The people in town were those refugees, there friendly and we exchanged in FRENCH. A small group of cambodgians and loatians invite me to play with them. but I was unable to play anything they knew of. 🙁

I knew then that I won’t be able to integrate into any group. I don’t know how to play …


Playing like shit
Thursday 29 September 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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I have to write something for september 2016.

I just see there are almost 2000 messages on the site ! To be true, I don’t dare to look at them !

What to say ? I am sad by looking/hearing at world affairs. So, I prefer to look and learn at scientific, technical and arts topics. Yes, I do learn …

I try to be positive, but I have to cope with hatred. I still don’t understand why ! Even if I haven’t done anything bad to them!

On twitter, there are hatred groups who ticked “like” my tweets about Asian killed and being insulted/threated in Paris. I have had reported my own experiences, here.

How do I feel ? Yes, I am french and swiss citizen by consent. So what’s the problem ? I am vietnamese as well, so what’s the problem ? Supremacists ? Come on, stupidity !! Just look at yourself…

Not to say that Asians do insult among themselves !

I always say that war is : one nation against another nation. If people are insulted, threated, killed by their fellow citizens, then it is: suicde (of the nation).

By extension, human being against human being is : suicide (of the human genus).

Hey supremacists, if there weren’’t others, then how would you called yourselves ? who will work for you ? The doom would lurk, because at the end there must be one left (aka citation of a movie)! EOF, morons.. History has shown that this kind of people were just parasites (using slaves). So be careful, just one slave offspring who takes conscience could blowup the whole system one is relied on (grain de sable).

Just show and fight for my dignity. Yes, I do !

Papy on youtube


Testing CM13 Surnia on Motorola E LTE (2nd) and F-DROID
Tuesday 18 October 2016
by philippe Vo cong tri
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1) Intro:

This is for my own usage mainly.

I was desperate with oem android vulnerabilities, since last year with stagefright and all.

I am buying entry and mid level OEM smarphones.

I am looking for alternative ROMs and mostly root them.

My last purchase is Motorola E LTE (2nd) XT1524 (global). Which I updated to Marshmallow 6.0. But it has the stage right vulnerabilities for 2016 !!

But why this model ? Because it has surnia cyanogenmod supported, inexpensive and good little phone ! Thank you cynogenmod surnia guy(s), I will donate to you 🙂

2) Installing cm13 :


– unlock bootloader. It was my 1st unlocking ! Took me time to go thru.
– install twrp, by squid2. Thanks.
– install pico gapps: ko. I missed something.
– install F-DROID client. Why not ? https://f-droid.org
– To add apk from Google playstore I follow http://techapple.net/2014/09/3-webs…

PNG – 72.7 kb PNG – 62.2 kb

PNG – 338.4 kb PNG – 98.6 kb

3) Conclusion . Temporary:

– I will take time to test this smartphone setup. I’t’s not vulnerable according to Zimperium app.
– Due to my failure to install gapps thru gapps, I use F-Droid and sudeload apk from Google play store.

– Later on, maybe I will return to gapps, but with another smartphone +cheap if course). For the time being , I am pleased using this setup. Thanks to the good guys and gals from XDA, cyanogenmod, f- droid and open sources programmers.

Testing CM13 Motorola E LTE without gapps but F-Droid


Install Debian Jessie on Asus Eepc 1001PX
Friday 13 January 2017
by philippe Vo cong tri
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I wish you a happy new year 2017. Be it a wisier year for all of usmwho can decide and do. YES.

This is written mainly for me .

1) Intro:

After using Debian 7.x Wheezy for quite a long time on several oldies PC, ités time to upgrade to Jessie 8.6-

I am using workhorse like Acer Aspire One AOA-110 Netbook (1GB Ram) and Asus Eeepc 1001PX (2GB ram, Intel Atom N450).

AS a backup, I have an oldie Lenovo Tower …

2) Debian Jessie install caveats:

I describe what is working for me.

2-1 Aspire One:


Download the iso image from a nearest Debian provider. I have tried to download from Debian main site unsuccessufully. Links, links …

USB key ,fat32,unmounted.

#cp Debian-8.6.0-netinst.iso /dev/mmclbkx && sync

Thanks to Debian guide and other contributions.

2-1-b Boot the pc with the USB key. Choose Install graphic. It detects Atheros Wifi,asks for SSID and passwd.

PS: The mshdc disk must be formatted to ext4 before any installation.

OK. Disk partitioning : mshdc 16GB (yes, true). ( / and swap partitions)

Taken a couple of hours to install basic gnome desktop and asked for Grub2 install. Ok.

2-1-b) Reboot PC, zork : No mshdc disk detected.

2-2 Eeepc 1001PX:

Insert the mshdc disk with Jessie, into its slot.

Boot the pc with alternate ” USB multiformat” ; ESC, F2 or whatever.

Bang, Jessie booted up !

I installed my usual packages, That’s it.

# uname -ra

Linux dynamic 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.36-1+deb8u2 (2016-10-19) i686 GNU/Linux

# cat /etc/debian_version



Oukitel U8 – 2015 stagefright resolved, malwares.
Wednesday 25 January 2017
by philippe Vo cong tri
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cf article 95 : Android Stagefright & other vulnerabilities – temporary solutions.Upd 16112015,26112015,25122015,26122015,20042016 (p8 solved)

Android Stagefright & other vulnerabilities – temporary solutions.Upd 16112015,26112015,25122015,26122015,20042016 (p8 solved)

1) Intro:

This is written mainly for me.

The Oukitel U8 with OTA update V15 20151010, left cve-6602 stagefright unsolved.

During 2016, I saw that the unknown source is switched on by itself. On the web people report that this and two malwares recents and beauty apk were the culprits (20151010).

A rom was released on needrom.com, 20151227, with no changelogs, I hesitated till yesterday. Some people report this version solved the malware problems. But no mention of stagefright.

I decide to give it a try.

2) Results:

Windows 7 (not anymore supported)

From needrom.com , http://www.needrom.com/download/ouk…, download the 3 files for flashing:

Official ROM V17.0_20151227 Last Update Android v5.1 (Rom name: OUKITEL_UniverseTap_FZ_V17.0_20151227)

– Install the driver.
– Extract SP
– Extract the rom zip

— Switch off Oukitel U8
– -Launch the SP program
— -Scattwer file
— – Choose Upgrade
— – Click on download
— – branch USB cable ….. check with windows panel peripheral manager for COM&LP

If not starting download, unplg and plug again the USB.

It will take some minutes to download and upgrade. When successful a popup screen will show up with a green ckeck symbol.

3) Conclusion:

– Unplug USB
– Power on
– Ok, the Oukitel U8 seems to be clean, reinstall the minimum. Check with Zimprium app: No more stagefright vulnerabilties (2015-2016), with android version 5.1 .
– No more Unknown-source switch to on.
– Coss my fingers …

– Thanks to people who are reporting their troubles and solutions on the web.

Oukitel U8 – 2015 stagefright resolved, malwares.