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Some days ago, I was reading Science feeds about brain regions, which can be highlighted by external stimuli, emotions, stress … Mostly done by fMRI.

Emotions : love, hate, fear involving regions F,P,I . Suddenly, I remembered I was asking what are the pathways and regions for racism ?

In the article , written in 2008, I found the same question about racism, at the end of the article.

It will be interesting to see the relationship between thinking, acting from different cases and brain regions.

What are the acts of thinking ? Thoughts ? Are they stimuli to physical effects ?






Oukitel U8 – 2015 stagefright resolved, malwares.

Oukitel U8 – 2015 stagefright resolved, malwares.
Wednesday 25 January 2017
by philippe Vo cong tri
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cf article 95 : Android Stagefright & other vulnerabilities – temporary solutions.Upd 16112015,26112015,25122015,26122015,20042016 (p8 solved)

Android Stagefright & other vulnerabilities – temporary solutions.Upd 16112015,26112015,25122015,26122015,20042016 (p8 solved)

1) Intro:

This is written mainly for me.

The Oukitel U8 with OTA update V15 20151010, left cve-6602 stagefright unsolved.

During 2016, I saw that the unknown source is switched on by itself. On the web people report that this and two malwares recents and beauty apk were the culprits (20151010).

A rom was released on needrom.com, 20151227, with no changelogs, I hesitated till yesterday. Some people report this version solved the malware problems. But no mention of stagefright.

I decide to give it a try.

2) Results:

Windows 7 (not anymore supported)

From needrom.com , http://www.needrom.com/download/ouk…, download the 3 files for flashing:

Official ROM V17.0_20151227 Last Update Android v5.1 (Rom name: OUKITEL_UniverseTap_FZ_V17.0_20151227)

– Install the driver.
– Extract SP
– Extract the rom zip

— Switch off Oukitel U8
– -Launch the SP program
— -Scattwer file
— – Choose Upgrade
— – Click on download
— – branch USB cable ….. check with windows panel peripheral manager for COM&LP

If not starting download, unplg and plug again the USB.

It will take some minutes to download and upgrade. When successful a popup screen will show up with a green ckeck symbol.

3) Conclusion:

– Unplug USB
– Power on
– Ok, the Oukitel U8 seems to be clean, reinstall the minimum. Check with Zimprium app: No more stagefright vulnerabilties (2015-2016), with android version 5.1 .
– No more Unknown-source switch to on.
– Coss my fingers …

– Thanks to people who are reporting their troubles and solutions on the web.

Oukitel U8 – 2015 stagefright resolved, malwares.


Install Debian Jessie on Asus Eepc 1001PX

Install Debian Jessie on Asus Eepc 1001PX
Friday 13 January 2017
by philippe Vo cong tri
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I wish you a happy new year 2017. Be it a wisier year for all of usmwho can decide and do. YES.

This is written mainly for me .

1) Intro:

After using Debian 7.x Wheezy for quite a long time on several oldies PC, ités time to upgrade to Jessie 8.6-

I am using workhorse like Acer Aspire One AOA-110 Netbook (1GB Ram) and Asus Eeepc 1001PX (2GB ram, Intel Atom N450).

AS a backup, I have an oldie Lenovo Tower …

2) Debian Jessie install caveats:

I describe what is working for me.

2-1 Aspire One:


Download the iso image from a nearest Debian provider. I have tried to download from Debian main site unsuccessufully. Links, links …

USB key ,fat32,unmounted.

#cp Debian-8.6.0-netinst.iso /dev/mmclbkx && sync

Thanks to Debian guide and other contributions.

2-1-b Boot the pc with the USB key. Choose Install graphic. It detects Atheros Wifi,asks for SSID and passwd.

PS: The mshdc disk must be formatted to ext4 before any installation.

OK. Disk partitioning : mshdc 16GB (yes, true). ( / and swap partitions)

Taken a couple of hours to install basic gnome desktop and asked for Grub2 install. Ok.

2-1-b) Reboot PC, zork : No mshdc disk detected.

2-2 Eeepc 1001PX:

Insert the mshdc disk with Jessie, into its slot.

Boot the pc with alternate ” USB multiformat” ; ESC, F2 or whatever.

Bang, Jessie booted up !

I installed my usual packages, That’s it.

# uname -ra

Linux dynamic 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.36-1+deb8u2 (2016-10-19) i686 GNU/Linux

# cat /etc/debian_version