MindBroker ™

Tuesday 13 December 2011
by  philippe Vo cong tri
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ATRIG Ltd. Draft PROJECT: MindBroker ™ © 1996-2007

Last update: September 2004. Author: Philippe Vo cong tri.

The project as described under MindBroker, MindSearcher, Mindruler, Mindcurer are protected by Copyrights © laws.


MindBroker ™ is intent to be used as a set of tools to help analyse and improve
the Human mind Thinking.


MindBroker ™ is devised for a wide range of application domains such as:

  • Health
  • Industry
  • Finance

Technologies:MindBroker ™ uses the latest Information technologies, such as :

  • (Inter/Intra) net Browsers,
  • Java programming language ,
  • fuzzy logic,
  • browsers plug-ins,
  • databases.

ABout to run on: Linux, Windows 98/nt/xp, Solaris and AS400.

MindBroker ™ is composed of three main modules:

MindSearcher ™MindRuler ™

MindCurer ™

1 – MindSearcher ™:

MindSearcher is an recursive rules searcher engine.It is used as a trial/error engine
to frame and store thinking behaviors.

2 – MindRuler ™:

MindRuler ™ is an recursive rules engine (stochastics modelling).
It is used as a framework constructor out of “Thinking” Chaos.
From a set of determined initial rules, MindRuler ™ will be able to trace recursively
the way a particular human subject behaves in a certain situation.
The MindRuler ™ is able to indicate possible paths (stochastics principles),
by the way of Graphing and “Mathematical” formulae (e.g .polynomial).

3 – MindCurer ™:

MindCurer ™ applies MindRuler ™ results, in addition to pre-defined framework initial target conditions.
MindCurer ™ is a helper tool for Analysts to help to improve Thinking
behaviors, related to perceived and generally accepted as “Real World”.
MindCurer ™ is devised and taylored as a set of user interfaces, such as:

  • Games,
  • Simulation